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Depot Mayfield stands as a testament to Manchester's industrious and fascinating history, embodying the city's character and heritage. Originally built in 1910 as a railway yard for the iconic Mayfield station, Depot Mayfield withstood the challenges of World War II, serving as Manchester's main train station. Subsequently, it became the lead mailing distribution depot for Royal Mail for 18 years until it lay dormant for almost three decades.

In recent years, Depot Mayfield underwent a remarkable transformation as part of a £1 billion regeneration project led by award-winning developers U+I and Broadwick Live, known for their iconic projects like Printworks London and Drumsheds. This renovation revitalized Depot Mayfield, breathing new life into its historic walls and transforming it into a dynamic venue that celebrates both Manchester's rich history and its vibrant cultural scene.


Our Commitment

Sustainability at Depot Mayfield goes beyond environmental protection; it encompasses social, economic, and cultural impacts as well. The strategic ambition is to integrate sustainability into every aspect of operations, making it central to the venue's identity. Our aim is to implement initiatives that enhance the sustainability of the venue and the services offered to all stakeholders.

The strategy is guided by four overarching principles:

Operations: Innovative solutions have been implemented to support sustainability goals.

Environment: Dedicated efforts are made to reduce the environmental footprint associated with event activities and services.

People: Creating a safe and inspiring work environment is prioritized, encouraging employees to contribute positively to sustainability.

To achieve strategic objectives, effective training, collaboration, and innovation with all employees, customers, suppliers, and subcontractors are emphasized.


Our Commitment

Depot Mayfield is committed to making a positive impact on the local community through social responsibility and engagement initiatives.

Community Engagement: Actively participating in local initiatives to benefit the community.

Equality and Inclusion: As a disability-confident employer, promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion is a priority.

Our Partners

We are experts in achieving extraordinary experiences. We are creative thinkers with technical know-how. And we work with a close-knit community of contacts to achieve your ideas in a truly collaborative fashion.

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