Nestled within an expansive urban setting, Depot Mayfield offers an unrivaled canvas for curating the ultimate conference experience, complete with an industrial twist. This dynamic venue is primed to enrich your conference, ensuring an indelible environment for all attendees.

Versatility reigns supreme at Depot Mayfield, with a diverse array of interlinking spaces meticulously designed to meet every facet of your conference requirements. From breakout rooms and networking areas to seminar spaces and keynote addresses, the venue's iconic Arches facilitate a seamless transition between various conference activities, fostering engagement and collaboration among participants.

Whether orchestrating a grand corporate event or an intimate seminar, Depot Mayfield seamlessly blends flexibility and ambiance to ensure the success of your conference. With its distinctive fusion of urban allure and contemporary amenities, this venue lays the groundwork for an unforgettable conference experience.

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We have collaborated with some of the world's biggest brands on bespoke briefs, from finding filming locations to building custom event spaces.