Creating an impactful environment is essential for any exhibition, and Depot Mayfield excels in this area. The venue offers a distinctive collection of spaces with a raw, urban feel, each brimming with personality. With its interlinking spaces, Depot Mayfield ensures a smooth walk-through flow, perfect for integrating networking areas, seminars, and chill-out zones close to the main exhibition floor.

The venue's industrial charm and versatility make it an ideal choice for exhibitions that seek to leave a lasting impression. The team at Depot Mayfield collaborates closely with organizers to ensure each event is tailored to meet specific needs, enhancing the overall impact and long-term standing of the brand. Whether it’s a large-scale exhibition or an intimate showcase, Depot Mayfield’s blend of urban allure and modern amenities creates an unforgettable experience.

Design London 2022 at Magazine London. 23/09/2022 Photograph by Sam Frost ©2022 www.samfrostphotos.com
Design London 2021. 23/09/2021 - Photograph by Sam Frost ©2021.

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We have collaborated with some of the world's biggest brands on bespoke briefs, from finding filming locations to building custom event spaces.