Night-Time Economy Summit

Manchester’s Depot Mayfield Lights Up Global Dialogue

In February, Freight Island, took center stage as it hosted the Night-Time Economy Summit, meticulously orchestrated by the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association). This former railway station, seamlessly blended its industrial legacy with contemporary flair.

The summit convened luminaries from across the globe, delving into urgent topics such as sustainability, crowd dynamics, the trajectory of music data, and mental wellness in the nocturnal realm.

Among the esteemed speakers were Silvia Montello, the adept CEO of the Association of Independent Music, and DJ Sam Divine, whose insights ignited spirited debates and fresh perspectives.

Freight Island was buzzing with excitement. With its cozy lights and delicious food options, it was the perfect setting for engaging conversations. But this wasn’t just any conference—it was an immersive experience that truly captured the essence of Depot Mayfield. The blend of its rich history and modern vibe set the stage for discussions on the future of the global nightlife scene.

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