Depot Mayfield is the only place for England fans to watch the World Cup this year. During November and December we’re hosting Road to Victory, a mecca for football fans where they can watch the biggest matches, eat and drink in an electric, stadium-sized atmosphere. We’ll be showing all England games on a 140 square-metre screen – the biggest in Europe – with space for up to 6,000 fans. The immense production is presented by AIX Live, who are bringing the latest interactive technology to Manchester, including an immersive light show that responds in real time to the matches, the goals and even the ref’s decisions.

We’ll have three spaces to choose from, whether you want the buzz of standing-room only, a table for your bessies or a front-row VIP seat. Manchester’s best pop-up food stands are providing the food, with bars located across the site and pre- and post-match entertainment to keep the good vibes coming. Hosts bring the night to life with DJs, quizzes and the occasional very special guest. If England wins, we’ll stay open late so we can celebrate. All together now!  

Visit Road to Victory’s website for more information and to purchase tickets.