Depot, the heart and core of Depot Mayfield, is the main performance space you don't want to miss. Picture a cavernous warehouse filled with original brickwork and steelwork pillars, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences. With a capacity for up to 6,100 standing guests, Depot is the ultimate venue for everything from high-profile concerts to live music shows, art installations, and cultural events. It's where the magic happens, where energy and excitement collide to create moments that move you. At Depot, we're all about keeping things simple yet impactful, providing an open and authentic space for connection and celebration.

  • Capacity

  • Size

    6,300 sq.m
  • Architectural Influence

    Cavernous warehouse design, Original brickwork and steelwork pillars, Preserved industrial heritage, Visually striking and authentic atmosphere
  • Key Features

    Versatile space for concerts, live music, art installations, and cultural events, Iconic setting for creating memorable experiences, Seamless blend of historical charm and modern functionality

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